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Getting an Atlanta bail bondsman in Fulton or Cobb County can be quite a tricky thing to do. Most of the time, you'll find listings in the search engines of companies that don't even answer the phone when you call. How are you supposed to get someone out of jail if the bonding agency can't even do you the justice of picking up the phone? In this article, I'll give you some things you can do to get your friend or loved one out of jail without freaking out in the process.

Fulton Cobb County Atlanta Bail BondsAll of this comes from my experience when my brother had a DUI in Atlanta, Georgia and was really scared. He hadn’t really been in trouble with the law before, never arrested at least, and I was on the receiving end of his one phone call from the Fulton County jail. Now I’m sure that Cobb County and the other surrounding counties are very similar. So, what you need to do FIRST is to search for a bail bondsman in the COUNTY of the jail that your friend or relative is currently being held in. A lot of people get that wrong. I called a Fulton County bail bonds company immediately once I found out that my brother was there. I had trouble figuring out which county he was – probably because he was a little drunk still when he called me – but all I did was called the Sheriff’s office. You can do the same if you don’t know where the person is. There are other resources for Cobb County bail bonds all over the internet that you can find, but I don’t have much experience in other counties than Fulton when dealing with the Atlanta metropolitan area.

After you have found out what county the person is in, you have a few options to get them out of jail. First of all, you’ll have to check the bail fee schedule with the Sherriff’s office. There are typical fees for each type of crime that a person can commit. So, a person can get out of jail by just paying this fee straight away. The problem with this is that most people don’t have the money in their bank account. The bail fees are usually a few to several thousand dollars. In times like this, it’s best to call a bail bondsman in Atlanta that can – in a way – vouch for the person. I’ll get into that in the next paragraph, but if you or the other person don’t have the money to pay for the bail straight away, then this is really the only option. You can also wait and see what the judge says after they review the case if you don’t want to hire a bail bondsman.

How Bail Bonds Work

How a bail bond works is pretty simple. You just call a bonding company and you’ll only have to pay 10% of the total bail fee. The bonding agency puts up the rest of the money, or ‘promises’ it to the court, if you don’t show up for your court date. The only downside to hiring a bonding company is that they will come after you with everything they’ve got if you decide to skip out on your court date. They will either come to get you themselves or hire a bounty hunter to track you down, put you in handcuffs, and bring you back to jail so that you can await your NEW court date.

In summary, the best thing that you can do is not get arrested. Make great decisions and abide by the law. Most of us make mistakes though. So if you or someone you know commits a crime and gets put in jail, whether it be Fulton or Cobb County in Atlanta….or really any other part of the United States, you should probably hire a bail bondsman. It’s quick, easy, and a lot cheaper than paying the fees right away.